Traveling Teacher

Nepal, Thailand, South Africa, Pakistan, and India:
The Traveling Road Show

Fall 2000- Spring 2001: Teaching While Traveling

After answering an ad in the Boston Globe, I got a job as the private tutor for an American family that was traveling around the world. They took me all over, and I taught their 1st and 4th graders. It went something like this:

Nepal: I spent 5 weeks in Nepal. For about 3 weeks, I was teaching my pupils in Kathmandu. I also spent a week or so on my own, mostly in Pokhara, a small city on a lake. The family and I also spent a week in the mountains, in three villages which we accessed via helicopter. I can't decide which was more amazing -- the helicopter rides through the Himalayas, or being in a village that was a 15 hour walk from the end of the nearest road.

Thailand: I spent 10 days alone in Thailand, on vacation while the family that hired me went off doing other things. I explored Bangkok and visited the islands of Kho Phi Phi. I got lots of massages, and ate lots of Pad Thai, Pad See Ew, Pineapple on a stick, and Fried Banana Pancake.

Boston: After Stint One of the trip, I spent two months back in Boston, teaching the kids at their apartment on Tremont Street. I also got to spend the holidays with my family.

South Africa: I arrived in Cape Town expecting the family to join me shortly, but ended up with 10 days on my own. When they finally arrived, I taught for about a month, exploring the city of Cape Town alone and with my pupils. Singapore: We had an eight hour layover in Singapore. It was long enough to take a nap in a hotel, take a walk, get ice cream, and then hire a cab to take me around the city.

Pakistan: I was lucky enough to spend 10 days or so in Pakistan, which I thought would be scary, but in fact was where I met some of the friendliest, kindest people. I taught in Lahore for the first half, and then traveled alone to Karachi, where some friends of friends hosted me. Highlights: I got to go to a rooftop party celebrating the Basant Kite Festival and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Department, and I went "crabbing" in a Karachi harbor, eating fresh caught crab right on the boat, Pakistani style.

India: I said goodbye to my employers in India, and stayed there for another 3 months. During this time, I spent one month in Dharamshala, attending the Dalai Lama's public teachings and exploring the cooking, birds, and culture of the Lower Himalayas. After this, I met up with a friend and we traveled together to the Taj Mahal, a bird sanctuary in Bharatpur, the pink city of Jaipur, and the holy lake in the desert at Pushkar. After a brief stop in my base, Delhi, I traveled all the way east to West Bengal -- a 36 hour trainride -- with my friend from Dharamshala, a Mongolian refugeee named Dugar. After a little exploring of the area, my last adventure was one month volunteering at a Buddhist School in Sikkim. I lived with 45 Sikkimese girls in a school hostel, and taught English and other subjects during the day. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

Gallery of Photos from Nepal

My favorite photo from Nepal...
The people are so beautiful; they make the photographer's job very easy!

Monastary near Bodanath Stupa

Legless Beggar at Bodanath

Monks praying over an offering

Grandfather of Mala and Delip, friends met in Durbar Square

Monica, little sister of Mala and Delip

Sadhu (Holy Man) in Durbar Square, Kathmandu

Man Carrying Refrigerator in Bhaktapur

Beggar in Pokhara, who I gave my tomotoes

View from the Helicopter, flying somewhere near the Dhauligiri Range in the Himalayas

The people gathered on the mountainside to greet our helicopter.

Faces of Dagnam I (Village in the Mountains)

Faces of Dagnam II

Faces of Dagnam III

Faces of Dagnam IV

Faces of Dagnam V

Faces of Dagnam VI