Globetwisting? How in the world did you get into BALLOONS?

Many people ask me how I got into balloon twisting, which seems to be a much more interesting story than how I got interested in teaching or traveling. Here's the tale:

*Spring 2004: I sign up for the 48 hour film project and end up playing a balloon twister in an 8 minute short. I meet Naomi Greenfield, creator of The Red Balloon Company and co-director/producer of Twisted: a Balloonamentary and we become fast friends. I ask her to teach me everything that she knows.

*Winter 2006: Just for laughs, I decide to go to Twist and Shout, a gathering of hundreds of professional balloon twisters. I get hooked, and decide to start doing paid gigs.

*Spring/Summer 2006: My students start asking for new kinds of hats and animals, proving that balloons have officially entered into my teaching practice. I travel to Guatemala and do balloons on street corners.

*Spring 2007: Twisted: a Balloonamentary premiers at South by Southwest, one of the most prestigious film festivals in the nation. I travel with Naomi and her film partner Sara to Austin, Texas to promote the film and cover the city with balloons. We then tour to other festivals!

*Spring 2007: My website, is born. Many parties, festivals, and fairs later, I now call myself a true twister.

*Winter 2008: I attend Twist and Shout for the second time, and win third place in two timed competitions (competing against international award-winning twisters).