Twist and Shout Convention

I just got back from my second balloon twisting convention. I learned a lot, and won two awards. Here are some pieces that I made throughout the week:

Dragon (learned from Mark Small)

Koalas (learned from Guido Verhoeff)

Princesses (learned from Mark Small)

Friendly Anteater (original design)

Pot of Gold to Wear on Your Wrist (learned from Patricia Bunnell)

Hummingbird (learned from Jeanine VonEssen)

Crab and Fish in the Sea (learned from Jeanine VonEssen)



Funky Woven Hat (original design)


Bald Super Hero (based on Andrew McDonald's design)

Whale (held by Matt)

A Cute Dog (learned from Patricia Bunnell)

Monkey to Wear (learned from Patricia Bunnell)

Duck (learned from Jeanine VonEssen)

Jumping Frog for the wrist (learned from Patricia Bunnell)

Sea Horse (learned from Patricia Bunnell)

Starfish (learned from Patricia Bunnell)

Rhino (learned from Ken "Flash" Stillman)

Lion (adapted from Ken "Flash" Stillman's camel)

Giraffe (learned from Ken "Flash" Stillman)

Group Competition Entry: 10 minutes to create a Balloon Outfit.
Ours is the orange faced serpent character.

Survivor Challenge Competition Entry: 45 minutes to create a sculpture using every balloon provided in a mystery bag. This is my piece, entitled "space ship accident."

3 minute Competition Entry, modeled by Royal Sorrell

12 minute Competition Entry: Dragon Costume -- 3rd Place Winner!
(only four people entered)

"Broken Pump" Challenge Entry: Octopus
3rd place winner (beat out many others, including 2006
top twister and other international award winners)!
Task: Using only one type of balloon, create a sculpture in only 15 minutes