Balloons WAY OUTSIDE of the Classroom

Traveling and Twisting Abroad:
I love to travel, and I try to visit new places whenever possible. You can click here to see a map of countries that I have visited (approximately 31 countries). On the most recent trips, balloons are making their way into the mix. Click the titles to see photos!
Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Botswana: Making a Few New Friends
July/August 2011: I traveled through Southern Africa and made a few balloons along the way.

El Salvador: Teaching the Locals to Balloon Twist
April 2009: Working with several NGOs, I taught 4 workshops for local Salvadorans.
I was just in El Salvador for one week, but I taught many locals to make their own balloon hats and animals.

Mali (West Africa): Hippo Ballet and More
Summer 2007: Volunteer Teaching and Twisting
I volunteered in Mali at the Institute for Popular Education. Among other projects, I made balloon masks and hats to serve as costumes for a school dance production of a local legend, The Story of Sadio and the Hippopotamus. Click the link above to see photos from this show, and much more! Also, my wonderful co-teacher and I kept a thorough travel blog, which you can view at

Mexico: Surprising a Neighborhood with Balloons
February, 2007: Visiting the "Wrong" Side of Town
I went on a short vacation in Akumal, Mexico, and spent a fun afternoon getting away from the tourist area to twist for some local children.

Guatemala: "Todo El Mundo Le Gustan GLOBOS!"
Summer, 2006: Everyone Loves Balloons
I spent just over 3 weeks in Guatemala, studying Spanish and exploring the sites. While I had many amazing experiences, the link above focuses on the times where I pulled out my balloons.

Peru: Desert, Coast, Mountains, Valley, Jungle, City -- All in Two Weeks
Summer, 2005: The Pre-Balloon Era
Actually, at this time, I was new to the balloon twisting world, but I decided not to bring balloons to Peru. I had an exceptional vacation anyway, and visited many unique places.

Germany, Hungary, and Poland: My
Personal Roots Trip
Summer, 2004: A Month of Exploring Central / Eastern Europe
On this trip, my friend Alyssa and I spent two weeks traveling, visiting her friend in Berlin and her family in Budapest. Then I spent another two weeks on my own, visiting Krakow, Poland, and then going back to Budapest for an enormous music festival.

Nepal, Thailand, South Africa, Pakistan, and India: The Traveling Road Show
Fall 2000- Spring 2001: Teaching While Traveling

After answering an ad in the Boston Globe, I got a job as the private tutor for an American family that was traveling around the world. They took me all over, and I taught their 1st and 4th graders. I ended the job in India, and stayed there for another 3 months. This experience was before I had a digital camera, but I can post a little bit. As you might imagine, this was a life changing experience, and helped give me the "traveling bug."

The word for balloon in Spanish is...